As the world, primarily technological, evolves and becomes more advanced, new and higher standards are also set in place. In the cryptocurrency world, and the mundane one.

Thanks to the Internet and ever-growing globalization, the world is getting smaller, and new generations of people are becoming more knowledgeable but also more impatient. Latter meaning that they value efficiency, optimization, and speed even more than they did yesterday.

It’s all about speed these days. And we’re going to talk about the speed of dagcoin.

Speed’s the thing in the (cryptocurrency) world!

The thing is that before the cryptocurrencies, before Bitcoin, international bank transfers took days to complete, sometimes even a week or more. And they were expensive. Unfortunately, we cannot say that the issue has been resolved. It’s still the case today. It hasn’t seen much improvement in the last decade. And a decade in today’s realm is a looong time.

When Bitcoin entered the stage, it allowed everyone to transfer funds internationally from wallet to wallet within an hour, just after the final confirmation came through. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a breakthrough nevertheless, and the most important part was that it showed a promise for a brighter future. The cryptocurrency came to stay.

Sadly, the revolution that kicked off rather aggressively has stagnated on the same level and has proven to be rather difficult to advance.  

Today, we’re looking for a technological solution that can meet the new standards.

So, envisage this scenario: all transfers, national and especially international, would be completed within a minute. Imagine how it would change the world’s economy and enhance money movement overall. Wow, I know! I’d dare to say that entirely new business would arise from this development.

No middlemen aka no miners involved

Is it possible at all, you ask?

Yes, it’s definitely possible. 100 percent. We believe that the solution is DAG-chain.

How come? As the DAG-chain doesn’t work on a block system, the transactions can run directly into the DAG network. This process is so much faster than the ones taking place on the blockchain based Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. In short: cryptocurrency called dagcoin is better.

And what’s even more significant, is that there are no miners involved. The validation of transactions goes directly to the operations themselves. For users, this means transactions pass almost instantly.

Plus, there’s the environmental advantage as no massive energy consumption is needed for daily mining. Every little helps, right?

Also, what’s important to understand about the DAG-chain, is that the more users there are, the faster the confirmation times become. More the merrier. More makes synergies.

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