You’ve caught the crypto train and purchased some dagcoins. Great stuff! The big question now is: how can you use those dags?

Well, it’s rather easy. And we’re going to explain. You just sit back and relax.

Using cryptocurrency (especially dags) is easy:

1. The first thing you need is a DagWallet. It’s to store and hold dagcoins. DagWallet is also somewhat a necessity when you approach a brick-and-mortar merchant or an online store.

Why is that? Because Dagwallet is like a bank card, you can use it to send dags from point A to point B aka to the merchant’s account. It’s super easy and quick. And, as they say: once you pop, you cannot stop!

2. Secondly, you need to identify (and then locate) all the merchants who are accepting dags. Luckily we’ve got a perfect tool for that. So you wouldn’t have to find a needle in a haystack. It’s called Merchant Finder. And it does exactly what it promises: pinpoints all the eligible merchants who are accepting dags.

Thanks to Merchant Finder you now have an excellent overview of all the retailers on a global scale who are accepting dagcoins at their shops and business platforms.

NB! If there happens to be no-one near you, just make sure to reach out to your friends and family who own businesses and enlighten them of the possibility to trade in cryptocurrency.

Find out the reasons why you as a merchant should start accepting dagcoins asap from our last blog.

3. Last but not least: once you’ve discovered all the business accepting dags and are about to make a purchase, the merchant will request an exact amount from you.

There are two ways to continue: you can either scan the QR code provided by the merchant with your DagWallet (if you are using an Android phone) or do it via the WebWallet.

After the scan, the amount of dags requested by the merchant will be transferred from your wallet to their wallet.

It’s a very convenient way to shop. No doubt. We’re even quite convinced that once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll never look back.

Dagpay offers an alternative to an alternative

Since we have you here, we’ve got something else we’d like to tell you. Maybe you’ve heard already, but there’s yet another way to pay for your products using cryptocurrency. It’s called Dagpay. It’s (also) a great solution for any online shop.

Let’s break it down: once you proceed to checkout, you can use Dagpay to pay for your purchases. With cryptocurrency. This, of course, means that the merchant has previously integrated Dagpay into their webshop system.

Wow, that’s all amazing. But what happens next? As time moves on, users and companies become more and more familiar with using and accepting dags. It will become a mainstream way to conduct business. It will make your life easier and money transfers safer and cheaper.

It’s strongly recommended to stay tuned. So you would be able to follow all our developments regarding dags, DagWallet, Merchant Finder and Dagpay. We’re truly are on a highway towards mainstreaming the dagoverse. We kid you not.

Are you a merchant who’d like to join the network or someone who’d into new ways and looking forward? Get in touch! Let’s talk some more.