Things are looking up. The situation in the crypto-verse (especially in the world of dag) is as follows: more and more companies along with independent entrepreneurs are joining the Merchant Finder. They’re doing it because they’re on a mission. They understand the crucial necessity of cryptocurrency, the need for acceptance of dagcoins and reaping the benefits that come along with it. It’s a classic win-win situation here, ladies and gents. You win, and so does everyone else.

The benefits that come along with stepping into the cryptocurrency world and joining the Merchant Finder derive from the economic and marketing viewpoint. Let us explain.

Economic side of the cryptocurrency world

Crypto is going to go mainstream. It’s just a matter of time. The wise move here would be to own cryptocurrency that has the potential to grow in value, i.e., the dagcoins. The digital money of the future.

The reason is actually quite straightforward: as the amount of users who own, and merchants that accept dagcoins grow, the demand for dagcoins is also increasing. So is the general interest and trust in cryptocurrency.

The value of any medium of exchange comes from its supply and demand. It’s the same with dagcoins. Their user base is vastly growing and so is its value. And at the same time, we’re working hard on the surrounding and supporting context, the infrastructure around the coin. Stay tuned.

Marketing and the sphere of digital money

When you, as a merchant, accept dagcoins, you instantly become visible to more than 100 000 users. All those who desire and understand the need for cryptocurrency. The yes people.

The Merchant Finder makes you detectable. It offers you a sturdy shoulder to lean on. It helps you market and sell your product. It’s a community of like-minded people.

Make yourself visible

Would you agree that in today’s world, given the harsh competition in the business sector, it’s difficult to stand out? It’s such a challenge. Majority of companies are fighting for the same customers, and at the same time, they’re looking for ways to grow that crucial circle of clients. So, why not make it easier for yourself? Join the network. Become part of the community.

All in all what we’re trying to do is that we aim to create a convenient system. A simple set of tools to own, so you could transfer and exchange dagcoins using the products like SwipeX, Dagpay, Dagwallet and Merchant Finder.

And the point of it all is so simple. It’s masterful even. The tools mentioned above will make your life so much easier. Together is always better.  

Get in contact! We’d love to hear from you. Let’s change the world.