Would you agree that a lot is going on in the world? Things that some of us can’t even fathom? Or on the contrast – are very deeply involved with? We’d say that. The world and the goings-on of it have gotten so complex over the past couple of years that it’s difficult to comprehend sometimes. But the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as they say. Meaning that complexity, in its essence, is individual.

For example, did you know that according to the World Bank, there’re around 2 billion people who don’t have a bank account? Yes, the majority of those people are from developing countries, but still. Two billion people (!) do not own a bank account, bank card, nor are they making any bank transactions.

This means that most of them don’t have access to e-commerce either. It may seem ludicrous in today’s realm.

But a modern person living in modern society must be able to be a part of it. In full value.

Cryptocurrency is here to help

It’s widely believed across the globe that having access to digital assets (which can be bought, sold, held or transferred) can help with the fight against poverty.

What do we mean? Owning either a bank account or preferably using a widely accepted and acknowledged cryptocurrency. And the latter is something we’re tirelessly working towards to.

3 reasons why digital assets are beneficial:

  • Having a digital asset is crucial when founding and expanding businesses;
  • Sending and receiving local and world-wide transactions;
  • Managing savings, etc.

But why don’t some people have bank accounts?

Various media outlets have cited that the most common reason for not having a bank account is not having enough money. Such a simple and yet so devastating reason, right?  

The bitter truth is that banks as institutions are only looking for customers who have enough money for them to profit on. Yup, that’s right. You read correctly. If you have a lot of funds, you’re welcomed with open arms. If not, well… go ahead and find your own ways to deal with your insufficient funds.

We’re getting closer to the major issue here. What’s happening is that we allow someone else, i.e., the bank, to take control of our money. And at the same time, the ones struggling in poverty are stripped of that option entirely.

Cryptocurrency is for everyone

As you all already know, it’s not the case with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is accessible to everyone. Without exceptions. No one’s ruled out. Ever.

We’ve got a strong mission and aim to develop dagcoin into a global mainstream cryptocurrency that’s easy to use and reachable for the whole world.

Dagcoin is set up for success as we already have the necessary tools, mindset, and technology to position ourselves as the go-to cryptocurrency of the future.

See you at the revolution! And do read about the speed of dagcoin in the meantime. Why not check out the value of it as well while you’re at it?

Got questions? Ask away!