Some things are essential to life. And some things are even more critical. For us, it’s The Mission. That means Dagcoin’s aim is, and always will be, to disrupt the financial world. To become the leading global cryptocurrency. Also, to make all the payments lightning fast, keep the transaction fees low and create a system as easy-to-use as possible.

Piece of cake, right?

It is, actually. And even more so, if you’re looking at it from the same angle as we are. For those of you who don’t know it yet, we’re in it for the long run. We eat, pray and love digital money.

More marathon, less sprint

We believe that one of the main things supporting growth, stability, and creation of success is long-term thinking. For Dagcoin to fulfill its mission, we need consistency and patience. A stable environment for the desired growth.

So, what have we done so far?

We’ve reached a milestone of more than 100 000 dagcoin users. And that’s a substantial base, to say the least. Especially in the world of crypto when going independent. It’s something we can start building on. To continue with the growth and ongoing development of our cryptocurrency.

What are the next steps for our cryptocurrency?

The number of crypto users will continue to grow. And that’s only possible thanks to the help of the fantastic community we’ve built over the last year. The dag fan base.

The idea of six degrees will commence. Everyone knows at least someone who knows someone who knows someone… who are connected (more or less) to Dagcoin. And the good word will spread. We encourage folks to circulate the word about Dagcoin and its ecosystem to their friends and families. Because together we can do more. Synergie is another key factor in our master plan.

The merchants are going to enjoy all the excellent opportunities we‘ve created for them in regards to cryptocurrency. The use of Dagpay is already growing at a vast speed. Some companies have even implemented it in their online store. And we’re ever so happy to see that. Read more here.

Use of Merchant Finder, which is an excellent tool for the Dagcoin community, will grow substantially. The platform has reached over 100 merchants already. We wrote about it in our blog some time ago. Give it a read!

So, our mission is not to neglect the current platforms and tools we have, but to enhance them. And, as time passes, the amount of dagcoin users will grow. As a result, the merchants involved in the dagoverse will receive more and more attention, benefits and their business will flourish.

We’ve set up an exchange platform which allows everyone to buy and sell dagcoins. The way it works is very straightforward. After buying your coins, feel free to store them on your DagWallet or the web wallet.

All in all, the vision and mission of Dagcoin are set in stone. It’s to disrupt the financial world by becoming the global crypto. But, this can only be done with the long-term mindset and having loads of patience.

Our promise to you: we’ll continue growing both our user and merchant base by creating a reliable infrastructure and ecosystem around the coin.

Do you agree? Get in contact then, and let’s change the world together!