What’s the point in creating something spectacular if one cannot use it correctly? It’s kind of useless to have a great product (or a service) and no real (practical!) purpose to it, right? In the web design, UX is da man; same applies for the crypto-verse where usability is the magic word. And therefore ‒ usability is one of our primary goals.  

So, let’s dive right in. For a product or a service to gain value, it needs to solve an existing problem. By catching this train of thought, we’re reaching one of the underlying issues in the cryptocurrency world. It’s called usability.

The issue is as follows: as the coins don’t (yet) 100% solve problems they are meant to solve, they’re not (yet) considered to be as valuable as they should. And because value is low (people don’t yet fully trust “the crypto thing”), so is the usability. For now.

Mainstreaming awaits!  

We believe that most crypto enthusiasts want to, at some point at least, use cryptocurrency as a mainstream way to pay for their purchases. Same as you use regular money for your everyday buys. The olden ways would be finito and innovative venture awaiting ahead.

The digital world requires digital money which is fast and cost-friendly. It’s no secret that digital fiat currency is lacking some essential characteristics to survive long-term.

One of the biggest criticisms of cryptocurrencies is that they’re trying to be something they’re not. At least not yet. There’s some truth in this claim. None of the cryptocurrencies are as readily usable for day-to-day purchases as the fiat currencies are. As said earlier, there’s a substantial usability issue derived from a lack of value. But this will most certainly change sooner rather than later. It’s already in motion. And along with the status quo what’s changing is the people’s mindset.

Usability is like a mosaic

Price and value don’t mean the same thing. Something can be pricey (like cryptocurrency), but how valuable it is? We believe that one of the biggest factors that determines the value of a currency is its usability. Meaning the willingness of company owners to accept and make transactions with crypto currencies on a daily basis.

One of Dagcoin’s primary goals is to create a stable and usable coin with low transaction fees and fast processing time. We can already tick the low costs and quick transactions box. Reaching the stable and usable status will be next in line. We just need some time as we’re sporting the long-term mindset.

Usability is like a mosaic that consists of different little pieces. To support the usability goal, we have two great platforms. One is DagPay and the other Merchant Finder. Both are meant for our current and new merchants. What are they for precisely? You can use DagPay as a tool to make the process of paying online as comfortable as possible. Merchant Finder is great for marketing purposes. Both of them worth checking into.

We’ve been busy and are going to be even busier this year. You’ll hear loads of fantastic news about the upcoming developments. So stay tuned!

If you have questions or you would like to know more about cryptocurrency or its usability get in contact ASAP! We’d love to hear from you.