The digital world is expanding as we speak. It’s’ unstoppable! And we like it. One of the many gobsmacking facts of today’s world is that over half of the world’s population (more than four billion people) is connected to the Internet. Oh, and by the way, that number is growing daily. The reason is that we, as ever curious and social animals, are creating more and more information, data, products, business opportunities and personal connections. Whoa! So, if you haven’t stepped on board of the digital train yet, do so (and that includes the currency bit as well).

Your money is not yours

By now we all understand that the world requires (it really does need!) a reliable and globally usable digital currency. Not any digital currency at that. Let me explain. Because the money in your bank account belongs to the Central bank. That’s the digital equivalent of a fiat currency.

Holding, managing and moving around that kind of money is time-costly and expensive. We can send messages, information, and data to others within seconds, so why can’t we send funds instantly to each other? Well, the reason is quite simple. It’s because banks and their systems are operating as greedy middlemen. They want in on your money. They provide us the opportunity to transfer funds, but that takes time, and the middlemen want their cut.

Step into the nirvana

The good news is that the golden time of cryptocurrencies is approaching fast. Crypto “nirvana” is nearly here. Meaning that digital currencies allow people to become banks themselves ‒ you can use, send and receive funds whenever you wish, desire or need. It’s simple. And it’s how it should be. Without anyone else meddling in your financial business. It is, by all means, YOUR money.

So, from here onwards, there’s an even bigger phenomena waiting. It’s known as global cryptocurrency that allows people to transact funds from one side of the world to the other without any conversions. As we know, one of the primary ways banks earn their money on international transfers between different currency regions, is the possibility to convert currencies at a rate bank can profit from. They are only looking out for their backs, and wallets. Not yours.

The mission that has you in mind and heart  

Dagcoin is on a mission to be a globally used and accepted cryptocurrency that allows you to engage with others without paying high transaction fees. Without losing any of your money during currency conversion. Not wasting any of your precious time until funds reach the beneficiary account (which usually happens in 2-5 working days).

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the moment we step in: dag transfers take only a couple of seconds. That’s right. Even on weekends, bank holidays and during nighttime. All. The. Time. Also, it doesn’t matter where you make the transaction. If you need to move funds on a Sunday night from Nigeria to Mexico, you can do it instantly and with almost any fees involved.

The bottom line is: we’re in the process of building a reliable infrastructure around Dagcoin which will eventually lead to stable and long-term growth. That’s our promise to you.

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